Our Staff

As a family owned and operated business, Aquaman prides itself on having a team oriented staff that is both passionate and professional. Through years of supporting the community by providing locally based students the opportunity for summer employment, we have built a strong staff focused on providing flawless service to our clients. With our highly educated and charming staff, we are absolutely certain that all of your experiences with Aquaman will exceed expectations.

Brian Corrigan

Brian Corrigan

With twenty-nine years of experience in the pool industry, Brian carries with him an incredible knowledge base and confidence in his work. After beginning with the construction of pools in 1990, he sought to fill the gap for quality, detail oriented service in the pool services market by forming Aquaman Pool Service Ltd. in 1991.

Through years of honing his craft and constantly updating his education through clinics, trade shows, and the pursuit of a scuba diving certification, Brian demonstrates a clear passion and dedication to his leadership role within the company. With Brian acting as the backbone of the business, smooth, quality service is a guarantee.

Victoria Corrigan

Victoria Corrigan
Senior Administrator

As the administrative lead of the company, Victoria sets a high standard of organization and functionality for the rest of the Aquaman team. During an incredible amount of growth in 2012, she joined the company to allow for Brian and the rest of the team to focus on the customer by outputting a level of service that exceeds their standards. With over thirteen years of experience including twelve years working with Swim Ontario in administration while monitoring provincial fundraising programs such as the annual “Swim A Thon,” she was a natural fit for this role working alongside her husband. With Victoria overseeing the workflow of the business and ensuring that all aspects of the customer experience exude quality and excellence, Aquaman is sure to build a lasting impression.

Brock Corrigan

Brock Corrigan
Pool and Spa Technician

After pursuing an education in heating and air conditioning, Brock returned to Aquaman along with his remarkable thirst for knowledge and achievement. He has maintained a position of high esteem with Aquaman for the past four years and continues to exceed client expectations with a quality of service that is unmatched by others within the industry.

Ryan Corrigan

Ryan Corrigan
Pool/Spa Mechanic

With a natural ability to provide the quality of service Aquaman customers are accustomed to, Ryan was the perfect fit for the company when joining the team in 2005. He carries the same level of professionalism and passion towards Aquaman as his father, Brian, and has grown into an ambassador for quality and personability within the family business.

Lee Brown

Lee Brown
Senior Pool/Spa Mechanic

With over a decade of service with Aquaman Pool Service Ltd., Lee has continuously proven himself an vital member of the Aquaman team. As a father of two young boys, he seems to effortlessly exude the family-like feeling Aquaman has kept as an essential part of their service since its opening. Lee’s determination, passion, and easy-going personality has become a staple in our customer service.

Irene Barkey

Irene Barkey

As an expert in finances and administration, Irene seamlessly joined the Aquaman team in 2007 as the bookkeeper. By ensuring that the company is kept current and up to date on their financial responsibilities, she allows the rest of the team to focus on providing customers with the highest level of service possible.