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Should I Make The Switch? The Benefits of a Saltwater System

Posted: 2013-06-29 Permanent Link
Should I Make The Switch? The Benefits of a Saltwater System

The modern pool owner has more considerations when building and maintaining a pool than the typical decor and depth debacle. With technology advancing by the second, new advantages are constantly being added to the list of reasons to make the switch to a saltwater generator for maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe pool environment.

A saltwater pool, opposed to pools utilizing a traditional chlorine additive system, uses a generator that produces chlorine through the use of the pools water itself. This environmentally friendly system presents a level of ease that arguably cannot be matched by the outdated maintenance systems most of us have grown accustomed to. This is all done while eliminating common pool owner complaints: having to store bulky chemicals, a constant need to clean the pools surfaces of accumulated fungi and algae, a strong scent of chlorine, and having to change the pools water on a frequent basis.

A saltwater pool, aside from presenting an added simplicity and cutting out the need to handle chemicals directly, also presents various health benefits. With a traditional system, pool owners have a tendency to over-saturate their pools with chlorine. The saltwater system releases a smaller, consistent level of chlorination which in turn lowers the amount of damage caused to swimmers hair, skin, and eyes. The use of a saltwater generator for chlorination has also been shown to reduce the amount of irritation swimmers experience due to allergies and asthma. Skin may also be softened and soothed by small amounts of salt that remain in the water post filtration.

Although implementing a saltwater generator to your pool is expensive initially, money is saved over time through the stabilization of chlorination levels and the decreased need of expensive chemical additives. A small increase in electricity caused by the saltwater generator can be expected, but should not be more notable than the savings made elsewhere.

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